High Occupancy, Financial Transparency and Professional Care.

Welcome to Oregon Coast Property Management. We represent a loyal fiduciary duty towards what is best for you, the property Owner. We want to assure you, through transparent systems, that your property is being well taken care of and that the maximum profit is being realized. At anytime you can view a 360-degree view of all aspects of management via your own personalized Owner web portal. Below is a brief overview of our services. Our specialty is the full time, long term rentals.

| We exclusively produce your property through our effective web marketing campaigns on major priority rental channels and over 20 affiliate partners.

| Our Managers and staff are top rated professionals in the industry and provide excellent customer service to help find good, quality Tenants. We utilize all aspects of professionalism, kindness and salesmanship to attract the best possible prospects. We offer our staff high quality positions with many career growth opportunities in property management. This model creates excitement and synergy which results in quality, integrity-based, employees who represent the very best interests of our Owners.

| Generally, we are looking to place Tenants in a minimum of a one-year lease term. Due to the seasonal aspect of our area, it is best to try to have tenant turn overs occur during the months of May-Aug. This can be very helpful in minimizing vacancy losses. OCPM will also place shorter terms per request.

| Enjoy 24/7 financial transparency showing real time owner income, expenses, inspection reports, maintenance, repairs, inventory and communication from managers and staff.  We will professionally account for all utility, supply and vendor charges with copies of original receipts. This provides a total view of all aspects of management. We produce detailed property inspections for you to see our professional care.

| Due to the extraordinary weather and moisture along the Oregon Coast, it is important to be made aware of maintenance issues with the property. This will minimize unexpected repair costs in the future. Our managers will work to provide cost effective solutions.

| We charge a competitive hourly rate for our experienced maintenance staff. We hope to provide an added value service to minimize the properties ongoing minor maintenance and safety issues by not marking up any supply costs, setting ourselves apart from contractors.

| Each prospective Tenant undergoes an extensive screening process. This includes a criminal & eviction check, a “scored” credit check and employment/income verification with debt to income ratio’s calculated. Previous landlord interview & character references are checked. We invite our Owners into this process and final approval can be at your discretion.

| We will execute all legal tenant lease, addendum & disclosure documentation. Our documents are prepared by a group of Attorneys that specialize in Landlord/Tenant law in Oregon. Updates occur to keep up with all changes in Oregon Landlord/Tenant law.

| We offer true 100% transparency 100% of the time via a secure Owner web portal. Review a multitude of details regarding the property such as detailed financial statements, rental payments, tenant legal documents, work order pictures, billing, third party vendor invoicing, supply receipts, and tenant repair requests.

| For major maintenance/repair issues that occur (more than $300), third party vendors prefer to communicate directly with the Owner of the property. This allows Owners to clearly understand the maintenance/repair issues, negotiate best pricing from multiple vendors and approve any changes/increases that occur during the repair. We will provide initial contacts, coordinate access with third party vendors (contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.) and provide proper written notice to Tenants. Per Owner request, we will produce a surface inspection of completed work. Oregon Coast Property Management not a licensed general contractor.

| All Owner Draws are funded via direct E-wire bank transfer into any US account of your choice. These are processed/disbursed on the 20th day of each month.

| Oregon Coast Property Management fees are dependent on the property. Pricing negotiable for multi units. Contact us today 1-800-783-8150 ext 1.

Thank you for your consideration,
We appreciate the opportunity for your business.

Oregon Coast Property Management
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Our Services


Our business is to provide our Owners with management solutions that help their properties operate smoothly, increase in desirability and enhance in investment value. We offer a 24/7 real time solution to all your property management needs.


Enjoy real time updates for all property financials including Tenant rental payments. All labor, supply and third-party billing will include original copies of receipts/invoices. Owners can view all property details via an "Owner Portal" showing real time updates.


Owners are provided with work order inspections with descriptions and pictures of progress. Tenant move in/out inspections are available for review. It is vital to have a clear understanding of the current condition, prior to occupancy.


All property maintenance and repair issues are tracked via a real time Work Order system. Owners receive immediate notifications for all issues. Owners can seamlessly be involved in providing direction towards cost effective solutions.